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I help ENFP women harness
their best traits for better
relationships and happier lives.


Dear ENFP woman,
your faith in humanity
helps me hold onto mine.


Dear ENFP woman,
I love that you have
high standards.


Dear ENFP woman,
I bet you just had
another great idea.


Dear ENFP woman,
your empathy helps me
feel accepted.


There is no one more special
than an ENFP woman.

(Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Perceiving – Myers-Brigg Type Indicator)

We are authentic, creative, and energetic.

We bring warmth into any room,
and love connecting deeply with others.

We have the best ideas, and get things going with enthusiasm and excellence.

But sometimes, we get in our own way, don’t we?

We have trouble sticking to
one thing and seeing it through.

We know criticism can help,
but boy does it hurt!

We empathize well, but
struggle to “switch it off”.

I feel you.
It’s not easy being us.

But a girl can dream, right?

We dream of having more rewarding relationships where we can be our true selves, and still be loved.

We imagine turning our great ideas into reality,
without letting the process get to us.

We want to inspire others,
without the risk of crash and burn.

Whatever your desire – better relationships,
a more successful career, a healthier body,
a more prosperous life –


I am here to help you reach your goals.

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“Working with Cassandra has been rewarding. She helped me see layers beneath my challenges at work, in relationships and in life… this liberated me from feeling defeated by them. I am truly grateful for Cassandra’s coaching.”


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