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Meet Your Coach

Cassandra Chew | @enfplifecoach

A life coach who gets you.

As ENFPs, we have a rare set of traits that should set us up for success.

We have great ideas, we have the energy and enthusiasm to get things going, and we have high standards for what “good” looks like.

But the path to success often seems booby-trapped for the average ENFP:

  • We get excited about new projects, but struggle to stay on task.
  • We love connecting with people, but shut down in conflict.
  • We like helping people, but tend to over-commit.
  • We feel so intensely, but emotions are not always welcome.
  • We enjoy entertaining endless possibilities in our mind, and struggle to make a decision when we need to. 

I get it. The struggle is real. 

I love who I am, but there are times when I have wished I was cut from a different cloth – if only to escape the turmoil, frustration and sometimes, feelings of defeat, that can accompany life as an ENFP woman. 

But I have discovered that it doesn’t have to be this way.

I have learnt that I can live a thriving ENFP life, embracing all of the good, all of the weird, and all of the not-so-pretty, and creating a life that works for me. And so can you.

Imagine a life where you:

  • Turn ideas in your head into reality. Really see them through.
  • Gracefully manage emotions and thoughts in the face of conflict 💪
  • Enjoy deep connections with people, but are comfortable saying “no”.
  • Embrace your rich emotional life, and making it work for you.
  • Have a go-to system for quick, confident decision-making.

And so much more. If this is the life you want, then I am here to help you get there as your personal life coach. And I’ll make it fun too! 

Say you need to make a plan. We wouldn’t just make a plan and stick to it; we would make a plan you are excited about, energized to execute, and motivated to see to its finish line. Because what is life without fun?

So why should you pick me?

Because I understand you.

To most of the world, we are a strange bunch of emotions, contradictions and idiosyncrasies. But I know that we are here to bring the sunshine, to give of our hearts, and to make this world a better place.

For me, that starts with helping you shine, and to be there with you when it rains. 

If you are ready to start living the life you desire – your best life, sign up for a free coaching session, and let’s get started.

I’m excited to work with you! 


More about me: I’ve had what must be a classic ENFP life path.

I’ve studied design, film, and government; I’ve been a journalist and a futurist, and written a bestselling book or two. (Read my story)

The subject matter was different each time, but people were always at the center of what I did.

I became a life coach because I believe that every person is valuable, but not all of us know it, or believe it. 

To me, the secret to living a great life is having the ability to love and embrace all that you are, and making it work for you. 

If you are prepared to do what it takes to get the life you want, then I am here to help you get there. 

As your coach, I will:

Listen to you without judgement.

Be honest with you. What are we without authenticity?

Hold up a mirror for you to reflect and to offer new ways of seeing yourself and others.

Brainstorm with you. Two idea-generating heads are better than one!

Hold you accountable and keep you on track. Ha, no escaping this one!

Root for you. You know enthusiasm is the only way to roll.

Make your dream life come true.